Volcanic LAVA 5-10mm

Volcanic LAVA 5-10mm
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Lava granulation 5-10mm

This volcanic rock is a great biological filter media and Media mix, it will provide a home to friendly filter bacteria when used for fish tanks. Like with the ceramics, the porous structure of the lava is a perfect material for deposition of nitrifying bacteria.
After growing on the lava rock surface, this bacteria will clean the water from ammonia and nitrite to reduce toxic nitrites, which are then collected by the plants.
Lava Rock has a positive effect on the biological balance in the aquarium, it clarifies the water and stabilizes the pH.

Before inserting the filter we recommend to rinse it.
Once settled in the tank, it is important to rinse the media filer only with water that was already in the aquarium. This will help to keep the beneficial nitrifying bacteria on its surface