Electrical Accessories

Electrical Accessories

Model: SEFC Controllers (Single Phase)

Our range of electronic fan speed controllers designed for speed controllable single phase motors up to 16 amps. 

- All Have Rocker Switch (On/off)

- Stepless Rotary Knob

- Suitable for 2 or 3 wire control

- Easy To install

Model: SW-MDF-*****-CON (MDF Contactor)
Contactor Double Board & Timer
3 options 
16 Timed - 2 Fan (18 way) - SW-MDF-16/18-CON
12 Timed - 2 Fan (14 way) - SW-MDF-12/14-CON
6 Timed - 4 Fan (10 Way) - SW-MDF-6/10-CON


40A Contactor

MDF Board with room in the corners to fix to the wall

Quality 24hr mechanical timer that won’t let you down

Model: SW-TEMPSP-CON (Temperature Speed Controller)
The front panel of the controller has the following controls and indicators:

Speed control knob for trickle speed setting 
Temperature control knob required temperature setting 
Thermostat operating indicator (LED light)
3m long probe attached
Max Wattage - 300w  (1.25amps)

Set the desired air temperature (thermostat set point) by turning the thermostat control knob to the airflow rate desired by turning the speed control knob. 

If the air temperature increases above the thermostat set point the fan switches to the high speed (maximum airflow rate). If the temperature decreases below the thermostat set point the fan switches to the pre-set lower speed.
Model: Proguard DXB Mini with BPI (Sanitization Unit)


Defender DXB Mini (25sq metre coverage) with BPI has been designed and engineered to deliver sanitization that is proven to reduce & eradicate surface and airborne pathogens for high-load environments in greenhouses using the ProGuard Sanitization Technology.

Manual / installation instructions

How does it work

ProGuard technology helps growers proactively eliminate microbial contaminants (used extensively in large commercial facilities where passing stringent testing regulations is a prerequisite to keeping their licence!).

Proguard’s patented process pro-actively sends out powerful sanitisers that seek out and destroy mould spores, mildew and harmful pathogens in the air and on the plants, the lights, the benches, and other surfaces - giving you the 24/7 protection that results in a cleaner room environment and a cleaner product.

Why do grow rooms need an air sanitiser?

An air sanitiser can prevent mildew and moulds that are harmful to your plants.  If you’ve ever dealt with powdery mildew, you know why growers need air sanitation. Since grow rooms tend to have high humidity, they're highly susceptible to powdery mildew and other moulds, plus pathogens that can destroy crops quickly.

In short, powdery mildew can fuck your shit up. Here are a few reasons how they do that:

  • Powdery mildew spores can be carried by the wind, air exhaust and ventilation systems, pets, and even growers and employees. Practically any living organism can transport the fast-spreading mildew.
  • Mildew spores can stay dormant until environmental conditions are just right for them to thrive. Powdery mildew has a 4-7 day post-inoculation window. During that time it’s practically invisible, so it’s hard to know when powdery mildew or other moulds are waiting to appear, reproduce and spread.
  • Powdery mildew is able to depress the photosynthesis process of plants significantly. That means your plants won’t take up nutrients and energy as efficiently for healthy growth.
  • Powdery mildew can affect seedlings, clones, veg plants, and flowering plants.
  • Most fungicidal sprays that may be able to treat powdery mildew, other moulds, and mildews have a detrimental effect on bud quality and safety. Regulations bar the use of many that otherwise would be effective.
  • Crops affected by powdery mildew are harmful to consume. The plants are likely to fail regulatory testing for mould content.

Air sanitisers in grow rooms are an advance that’s been added to best commercial practices. Sanitisers effectively “clean” the air of harmful pathogens and spores for optimal environments.

The most effective indoor air sanitisers, including ProGuard, use UV energy and other technology, transforming moisture molecules in the air into an ionized vapour that can kill pathogens. By contrast, some other air sanitation models emit potentially hazardous gases or chemicals into the air as they claim to be purifying it. However, there is a difference with Proguard.

The ProGuard Difference

Innovative Solutions’ ProGuard systems use a process called Active Sanitization Distribution. It distributes the sanitizing effect into the environment, killing pathogens at their point of origin, both in the air and on surfaces #SeekAndDestroy

The ProGuard™ air sanitiser was designed specifically for commercial grow rooms that are naturally high-density and high-humidity. Through a photocatalytic oxidation process, UV energy and a proprietary catalyst turn air moisture molecules into an ionized, mild form of hydrogen peroxide vapour that actively kills pathogens up to 99.9%, reducing mould and mildew threats. The result is an optimally clean environment that promotes plant health and helps crops pass microbial regulatory testing.

The ProGuard DXM Mini has been designed for grow rooms and dry rooms up to 250 square feet (circa 25 square metres) the DMX Mini can also benefit other smaller spaces, such as hallways. The power draw is a meagre 14 watts.

When greenhouse facilities look at the cost of losing an entire crop versus the cost of a system that can prevent the loss, the decision is easy. 

DXB Mini with BPI is easy to install and maintain as it operates 24/7. ProGuard Sanitization has been tested and validated by reputable labs across the world to ensure safety and effectiveness in reducing mould, mildew, bacteria, viruses, voc’s and other dangerous pathogens.

Product Specifications
• Weight of Unit: 2.75 lbs.
• Dimensions (H x L x D): 10” x 10” x 4”
• Electrical Input: 100-240V – 50/60Hz
• Electrical Output: 12VDC 3A
• Power Consumption: Running 14W – 22W
• Warranty: 2 Years

Model: SW-WIFI-PLUG (Wifi Timer Plug 20A SMARTLIFE APP)
Can be purchased when out of Stock delivery 10 to 15 days if out


1. Wifi+Bluetooth Dual Mode Connect To The Network More Quickly. The Connection Network Speed ​​Is 2 Times Faster Than That Of Only Wifi. 2. 20A high power Calculated according to 220V voltage, the maximum power can be 4400W, which can be used for high-power equipment such as, microwave ovens, etc. It is safer than 16A and has more application scenarios. 3. The Statistics of Electricity (Specific according to order options) View energy reports to properly track energy use around your home. Learn which devices consume the most energy, and create schedules to save energy and electric bills. 4. Overcharge protection (No Power Statistics products do not have this feature) If the maximum power is exceeded, the power will be cut off automatically to protect the electrical appliances and Extended service life.

5. Set Schedules Turn connected devices on and off at designated times. Schedule the living room fan to turn on in the morning or schedule your kids' lamp to turn off to let them know it's bedtime. 6. Set and Forget The Smart Plug's countdown feature lets you set a timer that switches off automatically so you can never have to wonder if your unplugged a device. 7. Voice Control The smart plug works with Alexa, Google Assistant supported devices for easy voice control. 8. Your Home. One App. The Smart Life app works with lots of smart home devices, allowing for easy control of your home from any Android or iOS device. 9. No Hub Required The smart plug works with any secured 2.4 GHz wireless network without the need for a separate hub.


Input voltage: 100-240V 50/60HZ.
Maximum current: 20A
With Power Statistics / No Power Statistics (Specific according to order options) Housing: ABS+PC fireproof material
Specifications: Uk Plug

Can be purchased when out of Stock delivery 10 to 15 days if out
Three Modes Smart Mode, Infrared Mode, Color Light Mode.
PIR Motion Detection And App Alarm Notification When The Camera Detects That Someone Or A Thief Enters The Monitoring Area, The App Will Push A Notification To Your Phone. Any Suspicious Movements That Come Into The Sight Of The Camera Will Be Detected And Recorded, So That The Thieves Have Nowhere To Hide.
Smart Mode Built-In 4 White Leds And 4 Infrared Leds, The Light Is Not Bright During The Day, And The Infrared Is Bright At Night, And It Is Black And White Painting At This Time. When People Or Moving Objects Are Monitored, It Will Automatically Switch To White Led Lighting, And Then Switch To A Color Screen.
Day/Night, Automatic Lens Switching Built-In Ir-Cut Core Module, Free Switching Between Infrared Light And White Led Light, Better Monitoring Effect, No Color Cast, No Image Distortion. Enhance Daytime Color Purity, Night Vision Effect. 
Siren Mode When You Find A Stranger Intruding Into The Monitoring Area, You Can Turn On The App Siren Button To Drive Away. 
Privacy Mode Switch To Privacy Mode, And The Camera Enters Sleep Mode. Stop Monitoring And Protect Your Privacy.
Voice Intercom Support Voice Intercom Function, Can Communicate In Real Time
1080p Hd Resolution 1920*1080p Hd Resolution, High-Definition Picture, High-Quality Visual Experience. You Can See Objects In The Video More Clearly. --
Flexible And Secure Storage Options The Camera Supports A Maximum Of 128gb Tf Card Local Backup (Not Included), And Provides Cloud Storage Service (Additional Fee) 
Manual Adjustment 45°Horizontal Rotation 90°Vertical Rotation 360°Central Axis Rotation. Adjust Manually To The Position You Need. (Does Not Support App To Adjust The Angle) 
Night Light Function You Can Manually Turn On The Night Light Function On The App And Use It As Lighting.

Device Parameters
Wifi Standard: 2.4ghz 802.11 B/G/N
Size: 48*92*59mm
Power Supply Mode: Usb
Resolution: 1080p
Net Weight: 0.09kg
Gross Weight: 0.14kg
Quantity: 1pcs
Packing Size: 80*64*64mm
Smart Therm and Humidity
Can be purchased when out of Stock delivery 10 to 15 days if out
Wifi+Bluetooth dual mode: Connect to the network faster. Connecting to the Internet is 2 times faster than using only Wifi
[High and low temperature alarm]: Once the temperature exceeds the set value, the phone will prompt an alarm
High humidity and low humidity alarm: Once the humidity exceeds the set value, the phone will prompt an alarm
Temperature and Humidity Curve: Record the temperature and humidity changes on the APP, and present it to you in graphics. Let you know the latest data changes more intuitively
Multiple installation methods It can be placed directly on the desktop or attached to the wall. No data cable, more convenient and beautiful
Scene Linkage: This sensor can be used as a temperature and humidity data source for Tuya Smart, Smart Life, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. You can perform many automated processes based on data sources. Note that this function needs to be equipped with a universal infrared remote control, you can contact customer service to purchase --
℉&℃ The sensor is designed with temperature conversion function in Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can select the units to display according to your needs. The switching speed is related to the set data update frequency. 
Third Party Voice Support This sensor supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. You can hear the current temperature and humidity by voice. 
Low Power Consumption Battery powered AAA1.5V*2 (battery not included), according to the system default settings, it can be used for about 6 months. The data update frequency is 60 minutes or when the temperature changes by 0.6°, it will be reported once
Sharing function Share with family members for common control --
Group function You can turn off or turn on group devices together, which is more convenient
Size: 70*20*25mm
Power supply: AAA1.5V*2 (battery not included)
Wi-Fi support: 2.4G IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Temperature measurement range: -10℃~60℃
Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
Humidity measurement range: 0%~100%
RH Humidity accuracy: ±5%RH
Material: ABS
Weight: 0.025kg