Growing Media

Growing Media

Perlite 100L

Expanded perlite is a white, ultra-lightweight aggregate ranging from a very fine powder to an aggregate with a particle size up to 5mm in size. It is inorganic, inert, neutral in pH, biologically stable and has no asbestos content. It has excellent thermal insulation properties over an extremely wide temperature range from cryogenics at minus 273°C (absolute zero) up to refractory applications at over 1000°C. It also has a highly adsorbent surface and a very low bulk density, which makes it an ideal carrier or low cost filler for many compound formulations.

What is Perlite?

Perlite is a white, ultra-lightweight aggregate ranging from a very fine powder to an aggregate with a particle size up to 5mm in size

What can it be used for?

Perlite is widely used in commercial hydroponics, seed starting and plant rooting, as a soil conditioner, and to enhance the water-holding and anti-compaction properties of growing soils.

What grades are available?

Perlite can be supplied in a number of grades, depending on the particular requirements of the application.

SwiftAir Perlite is 2-5mm



Non-combustible ultra-lightweight mineral aggregate with excellent insulation & adsorption properties.


SwiftAir exfoliated vermiculite and expanded perlite are absorbents and carriers. Each of these unique minerals have their own characteristics.


Perlite insulation is used in high temperature applications in the steel and foundry industries such as ladle topping, hot topping and risering.

Cavity Fill

SwiftAir coated expanded perlite is a hydrophobic insulating aggregate. This water repellent, non-flammable, loose-pour insulant improves the thermal performance on masonry walls and floors.


Due to its high insulating qualities and versatility expanded perlite is widely used in the construction industry for masonry and other build types. 


Expanded Perlite is suitable for a range of landscaping applications such as green roof construction, golf green renovation and construction, planters, drainage and reduction.

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Vermiculite - Standard 100L

Another firm favourite with keen gardeners is vermiculite and when you want to retain water than choose to add vermiculite to your chosen media.


Vermiculite is a natural sterile soft mica mineral with great water holding and insulation properties. It also offers a high cation exchange capacity which means it will slowly release nutrients back to your plant which it has absorbed during watering.


Using Vermiculite can also aid propagation when used as a top layer as it reduces evaporation and can help ensure the seed case is lost. By using Vermiculite, you can also reduce plant stress in extreme weather conditions due to its insulation properties.


Vermiculite is easy and safe to handle and odourless whilst also being lightweight and simple to use.


Vermiculite can be used for propagation from seed - its retention of water makes it good for sustaining the growth of seeds; potting compost for container planting - it retains moisture whilst protecting against adverse weather and aids re-wetting; and soil conditioning - its excellent water holding capabilities makes it an excellent addition to sandy soils or dried out ground.

Our vermiculite grade is Medium, which is a nominal size range 2.0-5.0mm

Coir Brick


The COCO BRICK is already a favoured choice for professional cut-flower growers using hydroponic pot systems, thanks to the reliable consistent quality of coco coir, better temperature control and versatility.

The COCO BRICK is a 100% RHP Certified brick of pressed and dehydrated premium mixed fibre coconut coir pith.  It is washed/buffered and charged with added trace elements and beneficial elements, making it ideal for an all-round potting substrate that is easy and discrete to transport and store, aids faster rooting and develops stronger plants.

Simply rehydrate COCO BRICK with 3.5/4 litres (8L Brick) of water and watch it expand to 8 litres of exceptional quality cocopeat. The perfect, easy to transport growing media for short-term and seasonal, indoor and outdoor crops.

Wood Pellets 15kg

Product information

Swiftair Wood Pellets are the perfect fuel for your Ooni Pizza Oven or biomass boiler. Made of 100% virgin softwood, these 6mm pellets give you a reliable, consistent flame for efficient, reliable heating. 15kg (30L) bags allow for easy handling and storage. Enjoy the warmth and cosiness of an ideal home from this high-grade fuel.

Store in a dry, safe place away from children
Pizza oven fuel

Features and benefits

Swiftair Wood Pellets 15kg Bag offer an easy-to-handle, low moisture biomass heating fuel for your stove, biomass boiler, or Ooni Pizza Oven 30L. The virgin softwood pellets are easy to light and offer a clean, pure burn with a high caloric density. Plus, they are 100% food safe with no added chemicals. Easily maintain consistent heat for all of your wood pellet needs.

Legal Information

• Do not ingest or put in your mouth

• Do not breathe in dust or smoke released

• Choking hazard – contains small parts

• Do not place bag over the head

• Keep away from children

• Dispose of packaging responsibly

• Take care when lighting

• Do not leave the fire unattended

• Burn only in an appropriate setting, handled by a responsible adult and ensuring adequate ventilation

Volcanic LAVA 5-10mm
Lava granulation 5-10mm

This volcanic rock is a great biological filter media and Media mix, it will provide a home to friendly filter bacteria when used for fish tanks. Like with the ceramics, the porous structure of the lava is a perfect material for deposition of nitrifying bacteria.
After growing on the lava rock surface, this bacteria will clean the water from ammonia and nitrite to reduce toxic nitrites, which are then collected by the plants.
Lava Rock has a positive effect on the biological balance in the aquarium, it clarifies the water and stabilizes the pH.

Before inserting the filter we recommend to rinse it.
Once settled in the tank, it is important to rinse the media filer only with water that was already in the aquarium. This will help to keep the beneficial nitrifying bacteria on its surface
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An optimal 70/30 blend of RHP Certified coco and perlite makes this mix ideal for growers seeking enhanced light and aeration.


Our formula offers excellent water and air retention, increased drainage, beneficial bacteria colonization, and a stable pH balance for optimal root development.


Benefits of 70/30


Ideal for propagation or long-term hand watering propagation 

Reduces the risks of over-watering.

Higher yield from stronger, better established plants.

Improved root health/growth

Better rootzone temperature control, aiding growth in young plants.

Peat Free.

Low watering frequency needed


Technical specification

Media: 70% mixed fibre Coco Pith, 30% perlite

Ready to use out of the bag

Pre fertilised: No

Volume (loose fill): 45L 

Ph: 5.5 - 6.5

EC Below 1'00mS/cm (1:2)

Bag weight: 9kg approx

Model: SW-KLONMAX (Prefilled Propergation Trays)
Klon-Max propagation trays are pretreated in order to have all specific nutrients and the appropriate pH for the first steps.
104 or 150 cubes each, they are individually plasticized to preserve from desiccation and contamination, as well as to provide a easy transport.
The price is very attractive for the grower who wants to increase the yield as well as for who prefers not to use polluting substrates for these tasks but still likes the convenience offered by the propagation trays.
Tray-size: 52,5 x 30 x 4.5 cm