Growing Media

Growing Media

Model: SW-KLONMAX (Prefilled Propergation Trays)
Klon-Max propagation trays are pretreated in order to have all specific nutrients and the appropriate pH for the first steps.
104 or 150 cubes each, they are individually plasticized to preserve from desiccation and contamination, as well as to provide a easy transport.
The price is very attractive for the grower who wants to increase the yield as well as for who prefers not to use polluting substrates for these tasks but still likes the convenience offered by the propagation trays.
Tray-size: 52,5 x 30 x 4.5 cm
Perlite - Standard 100L


Perlite, Ultra-Lightweight Aggregate

Expanded perlite is a white, ultra-lightweight aggregate ranging from a very fine powder to an aggregate with a particle size up to 5mm in size. It is inorganic, inert, neutral in pH, biologically stable and has no asbestos content. It has excellent thermal insulation properties over an extremely wide temperature range from cryogenics at minus 273°C (absolute zero) up to refractory applications at over 1000°C. It also has a highly adsorbent surface and a very low bulk density which makes it an ideal carrier or low cost filler for many compound formulations.

What is Perlite?

Perlite is a white, ultra-lightweight aggregate ranging from a very fine powder to an aggregate with a particle size up to 5mm in size

What can it be used for?

Perlite is widely used in commercial hydroponics, seed starting and plant rooting, as a soil conditioner, and to enhance the water-holding and anti-compaction properties of growing soils.

What grades are available?

Perlite can be supplied in a number of grades, dependant on the particular requirements of the application.

SwiftAir Perlite is 2-5mm



Non-combustible ultra-lightweight mineral aggregate with excellent insulation & adsorption properties.


Silvaperl's exfoliated vermiculite and expanded perlite are absorbents and carriers. Each of these unique minerals have their own characteristics.


Perlite insulation is used in high temperature applications in the steel and foundry industries such as ladle topping, hot topping and risering.

Cavity Fill

Silvapor coated expanded perlite is a hydrophobic insulating aggregate. This water repellent, non-flammable, loose-pour insulant improves the thermal performance on masonry walls and floors.


Due to its high insulating qualities and versatility expanded perlite is widely used in the construction industry for masonry and other build types. 


Expanded Perlite is suitable for a range of landscaping applications such as green roof construction, golf green renovation and construction, planters, drainage and reduction.