Cooling Fans

Cooling Fans

Model: SW-PMB
Exhaust Portable fan: it is widely used in a bad air environment, such as basement, tunnel, warehouse, mining ventilation equipment, dust and hot gas generated by welding and smoke exhaust, etc. 

8" 200mm - 120w - 1500m3/hr - UK plug
12" 300mm - 322w - 3600m3/hr - UK plug
16" 400mm - 1100w - 5760m3/hr - Needs Wiring
20" 500mm - 2000w - 12000m3/hr - Needs Wiring

Ducting can be attached if required 
Model: SW-3IN145-COOL
Industrial Cooling Fan

Selectable Speeds - 3
Fan Diameter 45 cm (18")
Wattage - 55w

This cooling fan is the only cooling fan you will ever need. This is due to being designed to be able to be wall mounted, Floor Mounted or as a pedestal fan. 

Everything is included in the box to turn this fan in to whichever configuration is required for your room.