Ventilation / Air Movement

Ventilation / Air Movement

Model: SW-INS (Insulated Ducting)
Fully flexible insulated ducting is ideal for use in low and medium pressure ventilation and air conditioning systems where attenuation of duct borne noise is required.

A high quality, flexible aluminium ducting with a layer of noise reducing insulation
that not only dampens the noise of rushing air through the ducting but also helps
to muffle fan noise when attached.

For best results use on both the input and output sides of your extractor fan.
Can be easily cut at the required length
Supplied in 5 and 10 metre lengths
Inner duct Aluminium Ducting.
Fibreglass 25mm*
Model: ALU (Aluminium Flexible Ducting)

An extremely flexible reinforced aluminium foil flexible supply or extract ventilation ducting.

Multi-ply aluminium and polyester laminate construction supported by a high tensile steel wire helix.


Model: XFLO (Inline Mixed Flow Fan)
Our XFLO range is quiet, powerful and high performance. Mixed Flow fans are less bulky than large in-line centrifugal fans and can be installed in loft spaces or service shafts. This range is specially designed for residential applications and hydroponics. It is also supplied with a mounting bracket for quick and easy installation on wooden joists and panels. XFLO fans are suitable for removing damp moist air, odours and airborne pollutants from bathrooms, en-suites, shower rooms, utilities and Hydroponic Rooms.

Speeds - 2 Speeds
1 Year Warranty

UK Plug - Standard Model Only

Air Flow (Free Air)
100mm (4") - 220m3/hr (61l/s)
125mm (5") - 330m3/hr (92l/s)
150mm (6") - 530m3/hr (147l/s)
200mm (8") - 820m3/hr (228l/s)
250mm (10") - 1405m3/hr (390l/s)
315mm (12") - 2206m3/hr (612l/s)


100mm (4") - XFLO100
125mm (5") - XFLO125
150mm (6") - XFLO150
200mm (8") - XFLO200
250mm (10") - XFLO250
315mm (12") - XFLO315

Timer - T
Standard - S

100mm (4") - 24/30w
125mm (5") - 26/33w
150mm (6") - 40/50w
200mm (8") - 100/130w
250mm (10") - 165/225w
315mm (12") - 275/380w

Sound Level dBA
100mm (4") - 35
125mm (5") - 37
150mm (6") - 44
200mm (8") - 48
250mm (10") - 66
315mm (12") - 69

Model: PVC (PVC Flexible Ducting)
PVC ducting is manufactured with a light wire spiral reinforcement inside white PVC tape and is suitable for domestic applications including:
cooker hoods, tumble dryers and bathroom fans,
These hoses have a maximum working temperature of 70 degree C


Model: SW-COMBI (Combi Ducting)
Combi is used in heating, cooling, ventilation systems and is made of steel wires.
Its inner and outer surfaces are coated with aluminum and PVC.

Intended for medium and low pressure environment.

Worm Drive Jubilee Hose Clips Pipe Clamps
Type: Worm Drive Jubilee Hose Clips Pipe Clamps
1. Quick release stainless steel hose clamps.
2. Just release the tension on the screw and flip up to instantly release the clamp.
3. Quick and easy to use to attach fans and filters to ducting and reducers as needed.
4. Also allow for easy removal of the clamp for quicker flex duct removal when cleaning the glass in your air cooled fixture or accessing your lamp.
Solid Flexible Ducting Extractor Fan Reducer

Please note:
Duct = same size as ducting you will need a connector to join the 2 parts together
Male = Fits into our ducting
Option 1: 5" 125mm Duct to 4" 100mm Male
Option 2: 6" 150mm Duct to 5" 125mm Male
Option 3: 6" 150mm Duct to 4" 100mm Male
Option 4: 8" 200mm Duct to 6" 150mm Male
Option 5: 4" 100mm Duct to 3" 80mm Male
Option 6: 4.33" 110mm – to 4" 100mm Male
Please Note 110mm side is ID-110 and OD-114
Option 7: diameters: 80 (3") -100 (4") -120-125 (5") -150mm (6")
Please Note this needs to be cut to size, Larger side is Duct i.e 6" 150mm smaller end is
Male i.e 3" 80mm



Model: BD-CON (Plastic Back Draught Shutter)

Round Back Draught Shutter Connector

Colour: White

Max / Min Temp: +60°c to -15°C

Model: CON (Plastic Connector)


Colour: White

Max / Min Temp: +60°c to -15°C

Model: SW-FLANGE (Plastic Flange)
Plastic wall or ceiling mounted flange

Model: 90D (Plastic 90 Degree Bend)
90 Degree Bend
Colour: White
Max / Min Temp: +60°c to -15°C
Model: FP-CLAMP (Padded Collar/Clamp)

4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12" Padded Clamps (Collars)

Fast Clamps are perfect for connecting fans, carbon filters, silencer and rigid ducting.

The metal band has a foam lining so reduces fan vibration.

If you need to connect your fan directly to filter for example it's much better to use a padded fast clamp than an connection method such as duct tape.

Heat and humidity in your grow area can often cause duct tape to peel meaning it must be replaced.

Pull out eyelets for easy hanging.

Model: SW-CHIMSS (Metal Chimney Hood)

Manufactured from galvanized steel. 

Please adhere to building regulations or consult a qualified professional for suitability and specific installation guidance. 

Model: XPRO (XFLO Pro Inline Mixed Flow Fan)
Our XPRO range is quiet, powerful and high performance. Mixed Flow fans are less bulky than large in-line centrifugal fans and can be installed in loft spaces or service shafts. This range is specially designed for residential applications. It is also supplied with a mounting bracket for quick and easy installation on wooden joists and panels. XPRO fans are suitable for removing damp moist air, odours and airborne pollutants from bathrooms, en-suites, shower rooms and utilities.

Speeds - 2 Speeds
1 Year Warranty (Extra 2 Years if paper work is filled out correctly)

Air Flow (Free Air)
100mm/125mm (4"/5") - (L) 180m3/hr (50l/s) -  (H) 250m3/hr (69l/s)
150mm/160mm (6") - (L) 415m3/hr (115l/s) -  (H) 570m3/hr (158l/s)


100mm/125mm (4"/5") 
150mm/160mm (6")
Timer - T

XPRO100/125 - (L) 23w -  (H) 25w
XPRO150/160 - (L) 42w -  (H) 50w

Sound Level dB(A)
XPRO100/125 - (L) 31-  (H) 40
XPRO150/160 - (L) 40-  (H) 49

Sold Out
Because of the metal casing there the perfect solution for the installation in exhaust ventilation systems in humid premises such as bathrooms, kitchens etc.

A dynamic balanced impeller with backward curved blades balanced in two planes.
Overheating protection with automatic restart.

Maintenance-free ball-bearings used with motors and designed for at least 40000 hours operation.


100mm (4") - STUBE100-R2
125mm (5") - STUBE100-R2
150mm (6") - STUBE100-R2
200mm (8") - STUBE100-R2
250mm (10") - STUBE100-R2
315mm (12") - STUBE100-R2
UK Plug - Yes - with wired Controller
100mm (4") - 68w
125mm (5") - 70w
150mm (6") - 125w
200mm (8") - 160w
250mm (10") - 165w
315mm (12") - 165w
Air Flow (Free Air)
STUBE100 - 300 m3/h
STUBE125 - 400 m3/h
STUBE150 - 600 m3/h
STUBE200 - 900 m3/h
STUBE250 - 1000 m3/h
STUBE315 - 1500 m3/hr
Sound Level dBA
100mm (4") - 49
125mm (5") - 49
150mm (6") - 49
200mm (8") - 51
250mm (10") - 52
315mm (12") - 53
Model: SF (Inline Fan)

The SF range is an inline Axial Fan perfect for small carbon filters or just as a supply/extract fan. This model has a Bracket attached


UK Plug - No



100mm (4") - SF100

125mm (5") - SF125

150mm (6") - SF150

Timer - T

Standard - S

Wiring Diagram



100mm (4") - 15w

125mm (5") - 20w

150mm (6") - 25w


Air Flow (Free Air)

100mm (4") - 100m3/hr (28l/s)

125mm (5") - 150m3/hr (42l/s)

150mm (6") - 210m3/hr (59l/s)


Sound Level dBA

100mm (4") - 30

125mm (5") - 32

150mm (6") - 35

Model: T (Plastic Ducting Tee Piece)
Round equal T Piece
Colour: White
Max / Min Temp: +60°c to -15°C
Model: SI (Inline Fan)
The SI range is a compact inline Axial Fan perfect for small carbon filters or just as a supply/extract fan.
The SI Fan has different inlet and outlet spigot diameters to enable attachment to a carbon filter with the outlet side  attaching to your ducting. 
UK Plug - EU/UK plug attached  
Sound Level dBA
100mm (4") - 35
125mm (5") - 36
150mm (6") - 38


100mm (4") - SI100
125mm (5") - SI125
150mm (6") - SI150
Timer - T
Standard - S
100mm (4") - 14w
125mm (5") - 18w
150mm (6") - 22w
Air Flow (Free Air)
100mm (4") - 107m3/hr (30l/s)
125mm (5") - 190m3/hr (53l/s)
150mm (6") - 270m3/hr (75l/s)
45 degree bend
45 Degree Bend
Colour: White
Max / Min Temp: +60°c to -15°C
Window Trickle Vent

Window Trickle Vents

Mounting without drilling
Air supply is adjusted with a special slider regulator
Filter blocks off any dust from the outside



The window trickle vent is a great option for passive ventilation and air circulation in double-glazed windows or doors. By reducing moisture and condensation, these vents can also prevent the formation of wet spots and ugly black mildew/Mould. With their ability to deliver fresh air without the need for open windows or doors, trickle vents are a valuable addition to any room.



As a provider of exceptional ventilation solutions, we prioritize meeting our customers' home air flow needs. Our no-drill vents are crafted with premium materials and are designed for effortless installation, ensuring a swift and convenient process. Our diverse assortment of vents caters to all rooms in your home, delivering fresh and purified air with our incorporated filters. 

No-Drilling Trickle Vents with Filters for Cleaner Air

Model: SW-W400PRO (16

16" Wall Mounted Fan 3 Speed

Quality 3 speed fan, and off

These are much stronger than your normal 16" wall fans and speed one is the same power as speed 3 on others.

This unit will oscillate
2 year Warranty
Comes with UK Plug already wired
Please make sure the fan is not working in temperatures over 50 Degree C

Model: Proguard DXB Mini with BPI (Sanitization Unit)


Defender DXB Mini (25sq metre coverage) with BPI has been designed and engineered to deliver sanitization that is proven to reduce & eradicate surface and airborne pathogens for high-load environments in greenhouses using the ProGuard Sanitization Technology.

Manual / installation instructions

How does it work

ProGuard technology helps growers proactively eliminate microbial contaminants (used extensively in large commercial facilities where passing stringent testing regulations is a prerequisite to keeping their licence!).

Proguard’s patented process pro-actively sends out powerful sanitisers that seek out and destroy mould spores, mildew and harmful pathogens in the air and on the plants, the lights, the benches, and other surfaces - giving you the 24/7 protection that results in a cleaner room environment and a cleaner product.

Why do grow rooms need an air sanitiser?

An air sanitiser can prevent mildew and moulds that are harmful to your plants.  If you’ve ever dealt with powdery mildew, you know why growers need air sanitation. Since grow rooms tend to have high humidity, they're highly susceptible to powdery mildew and other moulds, plus pathogens that can destroy crops quickly.

In short, powdery mildew can fuck your shit up. Here are a few reasons how they do that:

  • Powdery mildew spores can be carried by the wind, air exhaust and ventilation systems, pets, and even growers and employees. Practically any living organism can transport the fast-spreading mildew.
  • Mildew spores can stay dormant until environmental conditions are just right for them to thrive. Powdery mildew has a 4-7 day post-inoculation window. During that time it’s practically invisible, so it’s hard to know when powdery mildew or other moulds are waiting to appear, reproduce and spread.
  • Powdery mildew is able to depress the photosynthesis process of plants significantly. That means your plants won’t take up nutrients and energy as efficiently for healthy growth.
  • Powdery mildew can affect seedlings, clones, veg plants, and flowering plants.
  • Most fungicidal sprays that may be able to treat powdery mildew, other moulds, and mildews have a detrimental effect on bud quality and safety. Regulations bar the use of many that otherwise would be effective.
  • Crops affected by powdery mildew are harmful to consume. The plants are likely to fail regulatory testing for mould content.

Air sanitisers in grow rooms are an advance that’s been added to best commercial practices. Sanitisers effectively “clean” the air of harmful pathogens and spores for optimal environments.

The most effective indoor air sanitisers, including ProGuard, use UV energy and other technology, transforming moisture molecules in the air into an ionized vapour that can kill pathogens. By contrast, some other air sanitation models emit potentially hazardous gases or chemicals into the air as they claim to be purifying it. However, there is a difference with Proguard.

The ProGuard Difference

Innovative Solutions’ ProGuard systems use a process called Active Sanitization Distribution. It distributes the sanitizing effect into the environment, killing pathogens at their point of origin, both in the air and on surfaces #SeekAndDestroy

The ProGuard™ air sanitiser was designed specifically for commercial grow rooms that are naturally high-density and high-humidity. Through a photocatalytic oxidation process, UV energy and a proprietary catalyst turn air moisture molecules into an ionized, mild form of hydrogen peroxide vapour that actively kills pathogens up to 99.9%, reducing mould and mildew threats. The result is an optimally clean environment that promotes plant health and helps crops pass microbial regulatory testing.

The ProGuard DXM Mini has been designed for grow rooms and dry rooms up to 250 square feet (circa 25 square metres) the DMX Mini can also benefit other smaller spaces, such as hallways. The power draw is a meagre 14 watts.

When greenhouse facilities look at the cost of losing an entire crop versus the cost of a system that can prevent the loss, the decision is easy. 

DXB Mini with BPI is easy to install and maintain as it operates 24/7. ProGuard Sanitization has been tested and validated by reputable labs across the world to ensure safety and effectiveness in reducing mould, mildew, bacteria, viruses, voc’s and other dangerous pathogens.

Product Specifications
• Weight of Unit: 2.75 lbs.
• Dimensions (H x L x D): 10” x 10” x 4”
• Electrical Input: 100-240V – 50/60Hz
• Electrical Output: 12VDC 3A
• Power Consumption: Running 14W – 22W
• Warranty: 2 Years

Duct Y Piece Splitter 4
Please choose the size required from drop down menu
Y Ducting Splitters are designed to split Solid Plastic Ducting or Flexible Ducting.
Use either Clamps, or Tape to ensure an air tight fit.
Please see other shop for more sizes Made from Plastic
Model: STUBE P (Plastic Centrifugal Inline Tube Fan)
Designed for inline mounting into any point of the ventilation system and at any angle. For supply and exhaust ventilation, The fan casing is made of high quality durable plastic.
Single-phase ball bearing motor equipped with a centrifugal impeller with backward curved blades. It is implemented with overheat protection with automatic restart.
Wall and ceiling mounting is carried out using the bracket
Can be speed controlled using a thyristor or transformer speed regulator.


100mm (4") - STUBE100P
125mm (5") - STUBE100P
150mm (6") - STUBE100P
200mm (8") - STUBE100P
250mm (10") - STUBE100P
315mm (12") - STUBE100P
UK Plug - No
IEC Attachment - Yes (UK Plug lead not provided)
100mm (4") - 52w
125mm (5") - 52w
150mm (6") - 85w
200mm (8") - 135w
250mm (10") - 210w
315mm (12") - 225w
Air Flow (Free Air)
STUBE100 - 265 m3/h
STUBE125 - 370 m3/h
STUBE150 - 680 m3/h
STUBE200 - 900 m3/h
STUBE250 - 1100 m3/h
STUBE315 - 1700 m3/hr
Sound Level dBA
100mm (4") - 52
125mm (5") - 51
150mm (6") - 57
200mm (8") - 55
250mm (10") - 53
315mm (12") - 53
Model: SW-CONAVM (Anti Vabrite Connector)

CONAVM flexible insert is designed to eliminate vibrations in ventilation systems that occur during the operation of air handling units and other devices connected to air ducts and fittings.

CONAVM is made of galvanized steel and polymer fabric, it is operated at temperatures from -40 to +50 degrees.

Model: SW-MC (Metal Padded Clamp)

Comes in 4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12" 

Equipped with a rubber guarding gasket and a universal screw-nut (M10 to M8).

Designed for wall or ceiling mounting of the ducts of the corresponding diameter.

Model: SW-SHUTVA (Metal Shut off Valve)

Manufactured from galvanized steel. 

Used to control the flow rate of systems with a working pressure not exceeding 1500 Pa.

The Handle is used as an actuating device (manual control).

Model: SW-UHE2KW (2kw Heater)
Sold Out

Product Overview


Keep warm this winter with the 2kW Upright or Horizontal Fan Heater.

This versatile electric heater is at ease working as a vertical heater or a flat heater - and with a 2kW maximum output, it is most at home heating compact spaces - or use it under your desk to warm your legs.

On warmer days, this small fan heater comes with a fan mode to cool your surroundings. 


2 Heat Settings: 1000/2000W

Cool/Warm/Hot settings

Adjustable room thermostat

Automatic temperature control

Overheat protection

Power indicator light


Model: 15D (Plastic 15 Degree Bend)

15 Degree Bend

Male - Fits into ducting but will need a small amount of duct to connect to male ends 

Duct - Will need a connector if connecting to duct

Colour: White
Max / Min Temp: +60°c to -15°C

Model: SR (Semi Rigid Ducting)

An extremely flexible reinforced aluminium foil flexible supply or extract ventilation ducting.

Multi-ply aluminium and polyester laminate construction supported by a high tensile steel wire helix.


Model: SW-CARBON (Carbon Filter)
Using High Quality Carbon, SwiftAir range of filters are designed with the grower in mind.
This means they are perfect for the job, easy-to-use, value for money and flexible to suit your needs.

38mm Carbon Bed
100mm x 200 38mm - 255m3/hr
125mm x 400 38mm - 350m3/hr
150mm x 500 38mm - 500m3/hr
200mm x 800 38mm - 1000m3/hr
50mm Carbon Bed
250mm x 1000 50mm - 2300m3/hr
315mm x 1000 50mm - 2850m3/hr
Model: SW-SILF  (Acoustic AC/EC Inline Fan)

Swiftair single speed or variable (EC Only) sound insulated fans are designed and constructed to minimalize sound output at range which makes them the ideal grow room inline fans for where noise sensitivity is a priority.

Airflow capabilities:

Powerful with engineered high-quality motors run extremely quiet while moving a very large amount of air through either a 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 315mm outlet. The outer casing functions as a silencer and has a thick layer of insulating foam-lining around its inside, providing outstanding sound protection. 

Swiftair fans can be suspended/ installed in locations that may be unsuitable to consider other, heavier, cabinet/box type acoustic fans. 

The speed controller (EC Only) offers the ability to reduce air-flow levels when it may be preferable, providing added flexibility and saving money on additional fan-controller units!
These fans are highly reliable, durable and overheating is prevented by a thermal switch, so peace of mind can be maintained at all times.



150mm (6")

200mm (8")

250mm (10")

315mm (12")


AC - UK Plug Attached

EC - Speed Controller and UK Plug




200mm (8") - 120w AC

250mm (10") - 153w AC

315mm (12") - 334w AC


150mm (6") - 41w EC

200mm (8") - 120w EC

250mm (10") - 153w EC

315mm (12") - 334w EC


Air Flow (Free Air)


150mm (6") - 550m3/hr (150 l/s)

200mm (8") - 1000m3/hr (277 l/s)

250mm (10") - 1660m3/hr (461 l/s)

315mm (12") - 2760m3/hr (766 l/s)


To calculate how big a fan you will require: 

Simply multiply the length x width x height of your grow room in metres which will give you the cubic capacity of your room and then multiply that value by either 30 or 60 which is the minimum and maximum air changes required per hour for optimum ventilation in your grow room.

For example : A grow room measuring 2mtrs x 2mtrs x 2mtrs = 8mtrs cubed x30 air changes an hour = 240mtr cubed per hour will need to be ventilated a rule we recommend buying a slightly larger capacity fan than you need, to allow for summer increases in temperature and or using a Carbon filter. 


Phonetic Ducting Ultra Silent
The SW-PHON 10m Phonetic Ducting Ultra Silent includes a Polypropylene fabric cloth inner duct, thermally insulated layer and a black Alu/PVC outer jacket designed for use in air-conditioning systems, air supply systems, ventilation systems and machine noise reduction.
It offers a maximum 2,500 pascals operating pressure and 25 m/s maximum air velocity with a standard diameter range of 102 to 406 mm and a fixed length of 5m.
Model: SW-PMB
Exhaust Portable fan: it is widely used in a bad air environment, such as basement, tunnel, warehouse, mining ventilation equipment, dust and hot gas generated by welding and smoke exhaust, etc. 

8" 200mm - 120w - 1500m3/hr - UK plug
12" 300mm - 322w - 3600m3/hr - UK plug
16" 400mm - 1100w - 5760m3/hr - Needs Wiring
20" 500mm - 2000w - 12000m3/hr - Needs Wiring

Ducting can be attached if required 
Model: QBF (Quiet Box Fan)
Quiet Box Fan (QBF) fan design allows for supply and extract ventilation for areas/rooms with high requirements to low noise levels and limited mounting space. Units can be installed above ceilings or in loft spaces. Suitable for round ducts. The centrifugal impeller with back-curved blades is powered by means of 2-pole asynchronous motor with external rotor. The motors are equipped with built-in thermal overheating protection with automatic restart. 


100mm (4") - QBF100
125mm (5") - QBF125
150mm (6") - QBF150
200mm (8") - QBF200
250mm (10") - QBF250
315mm (12") - QBF315
Standard - S
UK Plug - Standard Model Only
100mm (4") - 63w
125mm (5") - 63w
150mm (6") - 112w
200mm (8") - 170w
250mm (10") - 173w
315mm (12") - 221w
Air Flow (Free Air)
100mm (4") - 240m3/hr (67l/s)
125mm (5") - 330m3/hr (92l/s)
150mm (6") - 420m3/hr (117l/s)
200mm (8") - 730m3/hr (203l/s)
250mm (10") - 1300m3/hr (362l/s)
315mm (12") - 2150m3/hr (598l/s)
Sound Level dBA
100mm (4") - 33
125mm (5") - 35
150mm (6") - 36
200mm (8") - 38
250mm (10") - 41
315mm (12") - 43
Model: ST (Centrifugal Inline Fan)
The ST range is an inline Centrifugal Fan with attached bracket which can be used for supply or extraction.
This fan is perfect for longer duct runs and carbon filters.
UK Plug - Standard Model Only


100mm (4") - ST100
Standard - S
100mm (4") - 20w
Air Flow (Free Air)
100mm (4") - 110m3/hr (30l/s)
Sound Level dBA
100mm (4") - 35