Model: HerbDryer (Built-in Fan Odour Control Dry Net)

Herb Dryer allows you to easily dry herbs and spices in your own home without worrying about unwanted odours, bulky machines, and mouldy results. 

With Herb Dryers unique design, smart ventilation, and odour-preventing filter, you'll get beautifully dried herbs within 7 days.


High-Quality Uniform Drying
The Herb Dryer features a unique air circulation system that has undergone extensive testing to ensure constant air flow for high-quality and uniform drying.

Prevents the Spread of Mould
Mould spreads when there is moisture from herbs and plants are closed in a closed and unventilated area. Herb Dryer reduces the spread of mould due by generating a constant flow of clean, filtered air.

Completely Odour Free
Our odour filtering system prevents unwanted odours from the plants and herbs being dried, and can reduce the spread of allergens from the drying process.

Light-Weight, Compact, Easy to Store
The HerbDryer is foldable and easy to store. Its compact design makes it perfect for small spaces, like a small apartment or even a closet.

Quiet and Discreet
Herb Dryers are often very noisy and visible. Herb Dryer dries your herbs quietly and can work in small or closed spaces, allowing for very discreet use.

Diameter: 30 cm or 60cm
Height: 35 cm or 65cm

DryBag Trimmer TrimBag

The portable trimmer is an innovative way to remove excess leaf matter from your dried product by simply shaking it off in a few rotations, leaving you much more time to tend your indoor garden and saving you lots of finger ache and scissor blisters from standard trimming methods, especially when trimming large amounts of products.

Key USPs:

Trim your end-product in minutes not hours

Features no moving or perishable blade

Super simple and lightweight design, which can be packed down

Value for money

Science behind the product
The trimmer only works with very well dried product which has a solid density. Any product that is even slightly damp and fluffy will not benefit from the trimming process as the trimmer relies on friction to break away the leaf matter.
The trimmer works by placing your dried material inside the main, larger compartment and zipping it up. Rotating the trimmer clockwise and counter-clockwise in quick succession causes friction and for the trimming to take place. The buds stay in the larger container while the leaf matter filters down through a sieve-like filter.

1 x Portable Trimmer
1 x Instruction Manual

Model: SW-PRUN (Bladed Prunner)

Professional pruning shears.

Cuts perfectly leafs and branches.

PVC-made handgrip with stainless steel blades.


Anyone who deals with their own garden or professionally works with gardens and green spaces, requires excellent equipment.

If you need to separate buds from stems - then you should do this with the Swiftair trimmer. The bud trimmer is also perfectly suited for shredding leaves and small branches.



The bud trimmer is equipped with a high qualtity electic motor, enabling you to effectively shred, trim, cut and process of plants within a short time. Its high performance allows for you to process even larger quantities. This is furthered by the opening of about 18" in diameter. The engine works very reliably and requires little maintenance.



There are three rotational speeds.



The casing is made of stainless steel, ideally suited for plant processing.


A lid also ensures that not plant parts will be thrown out of the device during its functioning.


For taking in the plant material, the machine is equipped with two removable bags of different sizes, made of meshed net fabric. They can be safely attached to the device so that no leaves or fruit fall to the ground. After use, the bags can be cleaned and stowed easily and quickly.

Model: SW-ATRIM-18 (Table Leaf Trimmer)
This handy 18" leaf trimmer goes together easily. 
Simply insert the legs into the holes provided and attach the mesh catch bag, plug in, and it is ready to use.

Please make sure you wear safety eye wear and tight gloves when operating.

This trimmer has sharp rotating blades that may, through carelessness cause injury to fingers.

Easy to put together & even simpler to use
A quick & effortless way to trim
Compact design only requires 4ft of space
Easily accessed for maintenance
Equipped with a Powerful, efficient and quiet motor

220-240v 50Hz

Designed with auto-shut off when cutting box is opened
Model: SW-BTRIM-16 (Bowl Trimmer)
This trimmer is medium sized (16") with stainless Steel Construction

Helps with trimming roots and leaves 
Can be rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise
Can be dismantled to take up less space 
Easy cleaning
Light weight
Easy to use and carry

Size - 16"
Total dimensions 405 x 400 x 360mm
Weight - 6kg
Sold Out
Trim King Work Tray Product Details:
the Trim King Work Tray is a clever and ergonomic designed tray that makes trimming process become - quick and comfortable. Trim King brings you stress free trimming sessions and high yields. Ultra portable the Trim King will keep your trimming area efficient and tidy.

Designed so it can put on a table, your lap or sofa – allowing you to manicure your flowers, herbs and garden cuttings in comfort, as the 150 Micron Maya Mesh Screen below – collects pollen and separates seeds below in the pollen collection tray.

Trim King Work Tray benefits include:
1 top bin with 150 micron Maya Mesh Screen
1 bottom bin pollen collection tray
Moulded high walls to keep your work contained
Constructed from recycled plastic
Portable and easy to clean