Model: SW-ATRIM-18 (Table Leaf Trimmer)
This handy 18" leaf trimmer goes together easily. 
Simply insert the legs into the holes provided and attach the mesh catch bag, plug in, and it is ready to use.

Please make sure you wear safety eye wear and tight gloves when operating.

This trimmer has sharp rotating blades that may, through carelessness cause injury to fingers.

Easy to put together & even simpler to use
A quick & effortless way to trim
Compact design only requires 4ft of space
Easily accessed for maintenance
Equipped with a Powerful, efficient and quiet motor

220-240v 50Hz

Designed with auto-shut off when cutting box is opened
Model: SW-BTRIM-16 (Bowl Trimmer)
This trimmer is medium sized (16") with stainless Steel Construction

Helps with trimming roots and leaves 
Can be rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise
Can be dismantled to take up less space 
Easy cleaning
Light weight
Easy to use and carry

Size - 16"
Total dimensions 405 x 400 x 360mm
Weight - 6kg
Sold Out
Trim King Work Tray Product Details:
the Trim King Work Tray is a clever and ergonomic designed tray that makes trimming process become - quick and comfortable. Trim King brings you stress free trimming sessions and high yields. Ultra portable the Trim King will keep your trimming area efficient and tidy.

Designed so it can put on a table, your lap or sofa – allowing you to manicure your flowers, herbs and garden cuttings in comfort, as the 150 Micron Maya Mesh Screen below – collects pollen and separates seeds below in the pollen collection tray.

Trim King Work Tray benefits include:
1 top bin with 150 micron Maya Mesh Screen
1 bottom bin pollen collection tray
Moulded high walls to keep your work contained
Constructed from recycled plastic
Portable and easy to clean