Model: CFLO100 (Small Heat Recovery Unit)
Designed to run continuously and provide adequate ventilation for a bathroom, en suite, shower room, wet room. Will provide up to 75% heat recovery

Eliminate mould and control condensation perfect for rented (Buy to let) properties 

Condensation Drain fitted to bottom of Unit

Comes pre wired to a trickle and boost switch
4" 100mm
UK Plug - UK plug attached

Boost - 25w
Trickle – 20w

Air Flow (Free Air)
Boost – 100 m3/hour
Trickle – 30 m3/hour

Sound Level dBA
33dB(A) - High Speed
Sold Out

As the leading whole home ventilation solution in the UK, positive input ventilation (PIV) aims to safeguard both homeowners and tenants from harmful indoor air pollutants. By continuously filtering and refreshing the air within your home, Nuaire's PIV units provide peace of mind and promote better breathing quality.

PIV Unit Only - This is the unit only and no ducting or grille will be supplied

PIV Complete Kit - This will include 5m Insulated Ducting and White internal Round Grille (ICG)

Whats in the box

  • Unit (PIV)
  • G4 Filter
  • Heater
  • Smart Controller

Complet kit adds

  • 5m Insulated Ducting 
  • Internal White Grille
  • Clamps


What is Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)? - PIV is a method for improving indoor air quality by replacing stale air with filtered, drier air and increasing air circulation, eliminating condensation and mold caused by high moisture levels in homes.

The Solution - Improve indoor air quality with PIV units for all properties. Choose from loft or wall installation. Available for houses and flats.
Did you know that 58% of people have suffered with mould and condensation. If you consider the fact that 90% of the time is spent indoors, it is vitally important to focus on improving indoor air quality 
Cooking, cleaning and bathing -  Activities can produce up to 10 liters of moisture per day. Drying laundry indoors can add an extra 2.5 liters per load. This may lead to 12.5 liters of moisture in the home, which can result in condensation and mold.
Volatile organic compounds -  Indoor air quality can be compromised by common household items like paint, furniture, and cleaning products. Poor IAQ has been linked to health risks such as heart and respiratory diseases, and asthma is a major concern, with the average person breathing 9,000 litres of indoor air daily.
Increased insulation - The drive to insulate homes creates an airtight box where heat, moisture, and chemicals cannot escape. Poor indoor air quality can result.





CFLO-EC240 Whole House Heat Recovery Unit 250m3/hr Upto 95% Efficient 3 speed

Quiet, efficient and highly versatile, the Swiftair EC240 heat recovery ventilation system is suitable for residential uses, in small to medium apartments and dwellings. 

With the option to mount on a wall, floor, or ceiling, this heat recovery system’s versatility makes it perfect for the constraints of modern living. Taking air that would usually be expelled into the atmosphere and efficiently recovering heat from it, the EC240 extracts from wet rooms (for example your bathroom or kitchen), and transfers this heat into fresh air drawn in by the system. This is then filtered and distributed through your other rooms.

Counter-flow - No condensation drain.
Generally enthalpy heat exchangers 

It ranges up to 95% heat recovery efficiency. Significantly reducing the space heating demand of your property, the EC240 delivers a healthier, more comfortable environment. Engineered for reliability, it also comes with a five year manufacturer’s guarantee. 

In the Box:

  • Controller
  • G4 Filters (F8 Filters can be purchased Seperatly)
  • EC240 Heat Recovery Unit


Range up to 95%


2 Years



Controller Manual

EC240 Heat Recovery Manual

Spec / Airflow



Model: CFLO125 (Medium Heat Recovery Unit)

Wall In line Void/Loft Mounted Heat Recovery Unit Only

Unit label airflow is incorrect unit does 200m3/hr on full speed

Please note all airflows are at free air (No pressure) & Without filters. 

Filters can reduce total performance by 50m3/hr


W415 x H255 x L450 


High Speed 200m3/hr

Low speed 130m3/hr



Without Filters
speed 1 2 3
m³/h 130 150 200
W 40 45 66
rpm 1874 2194 2610
With Filters
speed 1 2 3
m³/h 110 130 170
W 39 45.5 66
rpm 1874 2194 2610

Designed to run continuously and provide adequate ventilation for a bathroom, en suite, shower room, wet room etc.

Will provide up to 75% heat recovery

(As air is extracted the unit will recover up to 75% of the heat and add it to clean fresh air, and pump it back into your house.)

5" 125mm Spigots on unit

Eliminate mould and control condensation

Loft/void space mounting.

Condensation Drain fitted to bottom of Unit

Model: SVU400HT MEV (Whole House Extract Unit)

The SVU400 central fan is designed for the continuous and quiet ventilation of rooms. It can be used in houses and flats, as well as in conference rooms, offices and public buildings.

The unit is equipped with an energy-saving motor, which enables operation at three performance levels. Its construction allows the connecting of up to seven inlet ducts with a diameter of Ø75 mm, and one Ø125 mm duct intended for connecting a extractor hood.

The CVU400 is comes with humidistat, which automatically adjusts the efficiency of the fan to the prevailing humidity. The simple device design allows for its quick installation and maintenance (cleaning) without using complicated tools.

The design of the CVU central fan allows it to be mounted on the wall or ceiling in both horizontal and vertical positions.


The humidity sensor has an operating range of 0% to 100%. The humidity level should be adjusted on the front part of the fan casing. The fan will start in trickle. When the humidity rises above the value set, the fan will automatically increase the speed to Boost (Full Speed). After the humidity drops below the set value, the fan will return to operation in trickle.


Air Flow (Free Air)
Speed 1 – 265 m3/hour
Speed 2 – 360 m3/hour
Speed 3 – 415 m3/hour

Sound Level dBA
44/49/56 dB(A)
Model: SAHRU150 (Passive Heat Recovery)
Designed to work with inline fans already installed or purchased separately.
This will then provide adequate ventilation for rooms and will provide up to 75% heat recovery.

Eliminate mould and control condensation.
6" 150mm

Sold Out
Boost switch comes wired to unit (plug straight in)

Designed to run continuously and provide adequate ventilation for a bathroom, en suite, shower room, wet room etc.

Will provide up to 75% heat recovery

Eliminate mould and control condensation
Trickle/Boost Option included
Loft/void space mounting.

Condensation Drain fitted to bottom of Unit
6" 150mm 
UK Plug - UK plug attached  


150mm (6")

Speed (High) - 120w

Air Flow (Free Air)
194m3/hr to 550m3/hr

Sound Level dBA
speed 5 : 54dB(A)
speed 4 : 47dB(A)
speed 3 : 38dB(A)
speed 2 : 34dB(A)
speed 1 : 28dB(A)