Ducting, Grilles & Accessories

Ducting, Grilles & Accessories

Model: SW-INS (Insulated Ducting)
Fully flexible insulated ducting is ideal for use in low and medium pressure ventilation and air conditioning systems where attenuation of duct borne noise is required.

A high quality, flexible aluminium ducting with a layer of noise reducing insulation
that not only dampens the noise of rushing air through the ducting but also helps
to muffle fan noise when attached.

For best results use on both the input and output sides of your extractor fan.
Can be easily cut at the required length
Supplied in 5 and 10 metre lengths
Inner duct Aluminium Ducting.
Fibreglass 25mm*
Worm Drive Jubilee Hose Clips Pipe Clamps
Type: Worm Drive Jubilee Hose Clips Pipe Clamps
1. Quick release stainless steel hose clamps.
2. Just release the tension on the screw and flip up to instantly release the clamp.
3. Quick and easy to use to attach fans and filters to ducting and reducers as needed.
4. Also allow for easy removal of the clamp for quicker flex duct removal when cleaning the glass in your air cooled fixture or accessing your lamp.
Model: ALU (Aluminium Flexible Ducting)

An extremely flexible reinforced aluminium foil flexible supply or extract ventilation ducting.

Multi-ply aluminium and polyester laminate construction supported by a high tensile steel wire helix.


Model: SW-FLG (Flat Metal Fixed Grille)
Supply and Exhaust for residential ventilation, air conditioning and air heating systems and industrial.
External or Internal mounting 
Can be used as an outside air brick
FlyScreen attached
Fixed with screws.

SW-FLG1212 - (125x125mm)
​SW-FLG1515 - (150x150mm)
SW-FLG2020 - (200x200mm)
SW-FLG2525 - (250x250mm)
SW-FLG3030 - (300x300mm)

Available in White (WH), Steel (ST), Brown (B)
Model: SL (Shower Light Grille)

Grille and light (optional white or chrome bezel included) with a built in LED Light (1.5w or 3w)



Remove the Chrome/White part of the grille to show four fixing holes. Cut a hole in your ceiling and push the grille through.

Connect duct to the back of the grill.

Twist fit your Chrome/White bezel

Must Use a qualified electrician to wire to transformer/driver (provided).


Where to fit?

Grille/light can be mounted within the splash zone due to being 12v

Perfect for mounting directly over a shower or bath.


Light Fitting

4" - 3w LED MR16 - Cool White

5" 6" - 1.5w LED MR16- Cool White

Model: SW-COMBI (Combi Ducting)
Combi is used in heating, cooling, ventilation systems and is made of steel wires.
Its inner and outer surfaces are coated with aluminum and PVC.

Intended for medium and low pressure environment.

Model: AG (Plastic Air Valve)

The AG is a universally applicable air valve. Because of the materials used, the AG is very suitable for use in (very) wet areas like kitchens, bathrooms, etc.


Step less air volume control

High valve body with spring attachment for proper airflow and less noise

Closed adjustment disk

Mounting collar adapted for suspended ceilings

Great air tightness between diffuser body and mounting collar

Unique sealing system between mounting collar and clamping ring

Suitable for both supply and exhaust air


Model: RDCLIP (Plastic Duct Clips)

Ducting Clips are used for fitting plastic solid ducting to a wall or ceiling.

They are robust, versatile and easy to fit.

Plastic Duct Clips are lightweight with simple to fit.

*Design may change from the picture*

Model: AG METW (Metal Air Valve)

The AG METW is a universally applicable air valve. Because of the materials used, the AG METW is very suitable for use in (very) wet areas like kitchens, bathrooms, etc.


Step less air volume control

Closed adjustment disk

Great air tightness between diffuser body and mounting collar

Suitable for both supply and exhaust air


Model: AG BS (Brushed Steel Air Valve)

The AG is a brushed stainless steel air valve with infinitely adjustable scale, suitable for rooms with high humidity, eg kitchens and bathrooms.


Step less air volume control

High valve body with spring attachment for proper airflow and less noise

Easy to remove for cleaning

Mounting collar included

Suitable for both supply and exhaust air


Model: RD (Rigid/Solid Plastic Ducting)

A full range of white solid plastic ducting. The standardisation of diameters also allows fitting to all European ventilation equipment, ducting, grilles and extractor fans.


With a smooth inner surface, this reduces air resistance and increases the efficiency.


Supplied in 100,125 and 150mm connection sizes to suit most domestic ventilation installations and cut in convenient 350, 500, 1, 1,5 and 2m  lengths.


Model: ICG (Internal Circular Grille)

For supply and exhaust ventilation, air conditioning and hot-air heating systems.

Allows even air distribution.

Equipped with a mounting flange for easy mounting.

For mounting on to ceilings or walls.

Model: T (Plastic Ducting Tee Piece)
Round equal T Piece
Colour: White
Max / Min Temp: +60°c to -15°C
45 degree bend
45 Degree Bend
Colour: White
Max / Min Temp: +60°c to -15°C
Model: 90D (Plastic 90 Degree Bend)
90 Degree Bend
Colour: White
Max / Min Temp: +60°c to -15°C
Model: FP-CLAMP (Padded Collar/Clamp)

4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12" Padded Clamps (Collars)

Fast Clamps are perfect for connecting fans, carbon filters, silencer and rigid ducting.

The metal band has a foam lining so reduces fan vibration.

If you need to connect your fan directly to filter for example it's much better to use a padded fast clamp than an connection method such as duct tape.

Heat and humidity in your grow area can often cause duct tape to peel meaning it must be replaced.

Pull out eyelets for easy hanging.

Model: AG FR (Fire Rated Air Valve)

The Fire Rated Ceiling Valves have been fire tested to BS EN 1365-2:1999 by The Building Test Centre in a full scale horizontal loaded timber joist floor and the ceiling and floor construction with the valves installed, achieved a Fire Rating of over 60 minutes.


The full Test Report BTC 18074F is available to download from our website, together with a Technical Data Sheet and Installation Guide for the Ceiling Valves.


The Fire Rated Ceiling Valves are available in both Supply and Exhaust configurations and incorporate integral intumescent materials. During a fire, the intumescent material expands and closes the aperture of the valve, re-instating the fire resistance of the structure.


Suitable for both supply and exhaust air


Phonetic Ducting Ultra Silent

The NON-WOVEN PMP BLACK consists of a Polypropylene fabric cloth inner duct, thermically and acoustically insulated with a Polypropylene insulation layer and provided with a black polyester outer jacket.  The inner duct is hydrophobic and Anti-Bacterial.


Air-conditioning systems

Air supply systems

Preventing condensation in air ventilation systems

Decreasing of machine noises



 Temperature range: -30 ⁰C to 140 ⁰C

 Operating pressure: up to +2500 Pa Operating air velocity: max. 25 m/s Min.

 bending radius: 0.54 x Ø + 25mm

Standard diameter range: 102 – 406 mm

Standard length: 3, 6 and 10 mtr  



Inner duct: Non-woven Polypropylene fabric cloth

Insulation blanket PP: 25mm, 16kg/m³

Outer jacket: Poly laminate R-value glass wool: 0.55 m² K/W (ASTM C177-76)

Appearance: Black            

The NON-WOVEN PMP BLACK fulfils all the requirements and are classified as specified within EN 13180: Ventilation for buildings – Ductwork - Dimensions and mechanical requirements for flexible ducts.


Model: SW-AD (Door Hatch)
For access to fans, pipes or any items that require to be hidden.
Designed for wall or ceiling mounting.
Open and close by press.
The possibility of universal installation for the left or right-side opening.
Can be used in high-humidity.
Made of high-quality ABS-plastic.

SW-AD1515 - 168 x 168mm (Door Dimensions 146 x 146)
SW-AD2020 - 218 x 218mm (Door Dimensions 196 x 196)
SW-AD3030 - 318 x 318mm (Door Dimensions 296 x 296)
SW-AD3535 - 368 x 368mm (Door Dimensions 346 x 346)

Thickness - 24mm (including flange)

Mounted with glue or cement

Colour: White