PK Rage 18/20 (Flowering Site Increaser & Bulker)

PK Rage 18/20 Nutrient
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A 3-in-1 concentrated formula

Nutrition in flowering plants, maximises flower buds and enhances flowers.

PK Rage is a biostimulant that enhances and extends the flowering period. 

More concentrated than most competitor products yet still a true solution, with no suspended insolubles.

A safe and natural product without PGR’s, it is uniquely concentrated in order to yield unstoppable results.



Triggers an increase in flowering sites.

Causes fruits to swell-up in size.

Increases the weight.

Can be used with any base nutrient.


Direction of Use

Week 4-5 - 0.3ml/L

Week 6-7 - 0.5ml/L


Please make sure you check your EC levels

0.8-1.3 for seedlings or 0.5-1.3 for clones,

1.3-1.7 under vegetative phase

1.7-2.2 during flowering 



Calcium – 0.5%

Magnesium – 0.3%

Phosphorus (P2O5) – 22%

Potassium (KO) – 17%