Model: SRD (Round Extractor Fan)

Model: SRD (Round Extractor Fan)
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For constant or periodic exhaust ventilation of bathrooms, kitchens and other domestic compartments.

Case and impeller are made from the high-quality ABS-plastic, resistant to ultraviolet.

The motor is equipped with overheating protection.

Fixing to the mounting place is carried out by means of screws.

Types/Spigot Size

SRD100 - 100mm (4")
SRD125 - 125mm (5")
SRD150 - 150mm (6")

Models - Standard (S) & Timer (T)

Wiring diagram 

SRD100 - 14w
SRD125 - 18w
SRD150 - 22w
Air Flow (Free Air)
SRD100 - 107 m3/hr
SRD125 - 190 m3/hr
SRD150 - 270 m3/hr
Sound Level dBA (3m)
SRD100 - 35
SRD125 - 36
SRD150 - 38