Model: SCT (Continuous Eco dMEV)

Model: SCT (Continuous Eco dMEV)
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Swiftair 4"/5” Axial Continuous Running Fan SCT


100mm / 125mm continuous running panel axial fan for bathrooms and kitchens.

Discreet styling with flat facia reducing the impact the fan has on interior design.

Suitable for wall or panel mounting using the appropriate fixing kit.

Designed to comply with Building Regulations for whole house system ventilation, this sleek fan can be used in a wet room under System 3 of Building Regulations Approved Document F.

This attractive fan is also very energy efficient.


Why choose continuous running fans?

Continuous running fans, like the Continuous range, have been designed to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations for bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and toilets (other models available).

The fan is designed to run all of the time, keeping homes fresh, healthy and free from condensation.


What does it do?

The fan is designed to run continuously at a very low rate and boost automatically when required.

The low running rate means it has extremely low noise levels.


How will it help?

This fan will help prevent the build up of moisture in the home by removing steam and odours.

This will help reduce the risk of black mould forming on walls and behind cupboards.

220-240 V/AC. 50Hz single phase powering a low energy motor.

These fans are double insulated and do not require an earth.

All wiring must comply with current IEE regulations.


IP Rating


Types/Spigot Size

SCT100 - 100mm (4")

SCT125 - 120mm (5")

Models - Timer (T) & Humidistat (H)


100 - 4/6w

125 - 6/8w

Air Flow (Free Air)

100 - 42/70 m3/h

125 - 55/100 m3/h


100 - 11/15

125 - 6/12

Sound Level dB(A)

100 - 26/32

125 - 24/32



The standard fan can be connected in two ways:

Continuous operation: In this mode, the fan will always be on. The second gear can be turned on and off using a separate switch installed in the power line.

Switchable: In this mode, the fan can be turned on and off completely. To do this, use a double switch, where each key controls a different gear.



Fans with a timer (T) can be connected in the same two ways as the standard fan. In addition, the timer allows you to set the fan to turn off after a certain amount of time. The default setting is 30 minutes, but this can be changed.



Fans with a humidity sensor (H) will automatically switch to the second gear when the humidity level in the room exceeds 70%. The fan will switch back to the first gear after 15 minutes if the humidity level drops below 70%.



Fans with a motion sensor (R) will automatically switch to the second gear when they detect movement in the room. The fan will switch back to the first gear after 15 minutes if the motion sensor does not detect any movement.