Model: SAS (Automatic Shutter Extractor Fan)

Model: SAS (Automatic Shutter Extractor Fan)
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A distinctive feature of the SAS fan is the automatic shutters (Please allow 40 secounds to open and fully close).

This design is necessary to combat reverse traction and is indispensable for rooms where regular, but not constant ventilation is needed.

SAS is also has other options: timer & humidity sensor. 

This will help the unit with changes within the room and respond.

IP Rating: IP24

Types/Spigot Size

SAS100A - 100mm (4")
SAS125A - 120mm (5")
SAS150A - 150mm (6")

Standard Model (S) - Turns On/Off 

Timer Model (T) - When switched off will run on for the time set

Humidity Model (H) - Turns on and off with Humidity - If Switched Live is added fan will turn on for the time set then off (even if power is still applied to T Terminal) once light is turned off fan will run again for the time set then off.

Wiring diagram 

100 - 11w
125 - 15w
150 - 29w
Air Flow (Free Air)
100 - 85 m3/hr
125 - 130 m3/hr
150 - 230 m3/hr
Sound Level dBA (3m)
100 - 39
125 - 42
150 - 46