Model: CFLO250 (Large Heat Recovery Unit)

Model: CFLO250 (Large Heat Recovery Unit)
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Boost switch comes wired to unit (plug straight in)

Designed to run continuously and provide adequate ventilation for a bathroom, en suite, shower room, wet room etc.

Will provide up to 75% heat recovery

Eliminate mould and control condensation
Trickle/Boost Option included
Loft/void space mounting.

Condensation Drain fitted to bottom of Unit
6" 150mm 
UK Plug - UK plug attached  


150mm (6")

Speed (High) - 120w

Air Flow (Free Air)
194m3/hr to 550m3/hr

Sound Level dBA
speed 5 : 54dB(A)
speed 4 : 47dB(A)
speed 3 : 38dB(A)
speed 2 : 34dB(A)
speed 1 : 28dB(A)