Lightning Roots (Root Stimulator)

Lightning Roots (Root Stimulator)
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Supercharge your roots with Lightning Roots!

Turbo-charged formula to speed-up root growth with increased water & nutrient uptake thanks to longer, heavier and more efficient roots.

Lightning Roots uses entirely natural components to tilt hormone production in favour of root growth.

Bigger roots take up nutrients more efficiently, absorb water more effectively and provide better anchorage for your plant.

A safe, natural material that’s based on plant extracts – without artificial PGRs. Its oligosaccharides work in conjunction with other sugars and amino acids to stimulate your plant’s root zone.


Increase stress resistance.

Epic root growth.

Faster growth development.


Ensure all equipment is CLEAN and free of residues from previous use.

SHAKE OR STIR THOROUGHLY before SLOWLY adding the required quantity to fresh solution.

MIX WELL before use and make up a solution for one week’s use, then top up as necessary.



Weeks 1-4 (Veg)

Weeks 1-2 (Flower)



You can use beyond if needed


Please make sure you check your EC levels

0.8-1.3 for seedlings or 0.5-1.3 for clones,

1.3-1.7 under vegetative phase

1.7-2.2 during flowering 



0.15% Amino Acids

8.6% Plant extracts

0.9Lignin salts

3%Glucose surfactant

0.5% Glycerol

Humic Acid<0.1%

Lignosulphonates 0.8%