Model: STY (Wall/Ceiling Extractor Fan)

Model: STY (Wall/Ceiling Extractor Fan)
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STY is our wall/ceiling extractor fan perfect for any bathroom, utility or Kitchen, each unit has a back draught shutter attached to stop any unwated drafts from entering from outside.

IP Rating: IP24

Types/Spigot Size

STY100 - 100mm (4")
STY125 - 120mm (5")
STY150 - 150mm (6")

Standard Model (S) - Turns on and off, Live and Neutral needed

Timer Model (T) - When switched off will run on for the time set

Humidity Model (H) - Turn on and off with Humidity if Switched Live is added fan will also turn on and off with switch. 

Humidity can be wired to just work with humidity if needed

100 - 14w
125 - 16w
150 - 16w
Air Flow (Free Air)
100 - 100 m3/hr
125 - 183 m3/hr
150 - 290 m3/hr
Sound Level dBA (3m)
100 - 32
125 - 36
150 - 38