Model: SDISC (Wall/Ceiling Extractor Fan)

SDISC Extractor Fan
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SDISC is our wall/ceiling extractor fan perfect for any bathroom, utility or Kitchen, each unit has a back draught shutter attached to stop any unwated drafts from entering from outside.

It comes with 4 coloured rings - White, Red, Green, Yellow & Blue 

IP Rating: IPX4

Types/Spigot Size

SDISC100 - 100mm (4")

Standard Model (S) - Turns on and off, Live and Neutral needed

Timer Model (T) - When switched off will run on for the time set

Humidity Model (H) - Turn on and off with Humidity if Switched Live is added fan will also turn on and off with switch. 

Wiring diagram 

100 - 17w
Air Flow (Free Air)
100 - 105 m3/hr
Sound Level dBA (3m)
100 - 35