Swiftair Coco Perlite 70/30 Mix Pre-Mixed 45L

Swiftair Coco Perlite 70/30 Mix Pre-Mixed 45L
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An optimal 70/30 blend of RHP Certified coco and perlite makes this mix ideal for growers seeking enhanced light and aeration.


Our formula offers excellent water and air retention, increased drainage, beneficial bacteria colonization, and a stable pH balance for optimal root development.


Benefits of 70/30


Ideal for propagation or long-term hand watering propagation 

Reduces the risks of over-watering.

Higher yield from stronger, better established plants.

Improved root health/growth

Better rootzone temperature control, aiding growth in young plants.

Peat Free.

Low watering frequency needed


Technical specification

Media: 70% mixed fibre Coco Pith, 30% perlite

Ready to use out of the bag

Pre fertilised: No

Volume (loose fill): 45L 

Ph: 5.5 - 6.5

EC Below 1'00mS/cm (1:2)

Bag weight: 9kg approx