Model: XPRO (XFLO Pro Inline Mixed Flow Fan)

Model: XPRO (XFLO Pro Inline Mixed Flow Fan)
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Our XPRO range is quiet, powerful and high performance. Mixed Flow fans are less bulky than large in-line centrifugal fans and can be installed in loft spaces or service shafts. This range is specially designed for residential applications. It is also supplied with a mounting bracket for quick and easy installation on wooden joists and panels. XPRO fans are suitable for removing damp moist air, odours and airborne pollutants from bathrooms, en-suites, shower rooms and utilities.

Speeds - 2 Speeds
1 Year Warranty (Extra 2 Years if paper work is filled out correctly)

Air Flow (Free Air)
100mm/125mm (4"/5") - (L) 180m3/hr (50l/s) -  (H) 250m3/hr (69l/s)
150mm/160mm (6") - (L) 415m3/hr (115l/s) -  (H) 570m3/hr (158l/s)


100mm/125mm (4"/5") 
150mm/160mm (6")
Timer - T

XPRO100/125 - (L) 23w -  (H) 25w
XPRO150/160 - (L) 42w -  (H) 50w

Sound Level dB(A)
XPRO100/125 - (L) 31-  (H) 40
XPRO150/160 - (L) 40-  (H) 49