Model: STUBE r2 (Centrifugal Inline Tube Fan)
Because of the metal casing there the perfect solution for the installation in exhaust ventilation systems in humid premises such as bathrooms, kitchens etc.

A dynamic balanced impeller with backward curved blades balanced in two planes.
Overheating protection with automatic restart.

Maintenance-free ball-bearings used with motors and designed for at least 40000 hours operation.


100mm (4") - STUBE100-R2
125mm (5") - STUBE100-R2
150mm (6") - STUBE100-R2
200mm (8") - STUBE100-R2
250mm (10") - STUBE100-R2
315mm (12") - STUBE100-R2
UK Plug - Yes - with wired Controller
100mm (4") - 68w
125mm (5") - 70w
150mm (6") - 125w
200mm (8") - 160w
250mm (10") - 165w
315mm (12") - 165w
Air Flow (Free Air)
STUBE100 - 300 m3/h
STUBE125 - 400 m3/h
STUBE150 - 600 m3/h
STUBE200 - 900 m3/h
STUBE250 - 1000 m3/h
STUBE315 - 1500 m3/hr
Sound Level dBA
100mm (4") - 49
125mm (5") - 49
150mm (6") - 49
200mm (8") - 51
250mm (10") - 52
315mm (12") - 53
Model: SW-3IN145-COOL
Industrial Cooling Fan

Selectable Speeds - 3
Fan Diameter 45 cm (18")
Wattage - 55w

This cooling fan is the only cooling fan you will ever need. This is due to being designed to be able to be wall mounted, Floor Mounted or as a pedestal fan. 

Everything is included in the box to turn this fan in to whichever configuration is required for your room.
Model: SW-AD (Door Hatch)
For access to fans, pipes or any items that require to be hidden.
Designed for wall or ceiling mounting.
Open and close by press.
The possibility of universal installation for the left or right-side opening.
Can be used in high-humidity.
Made of high-quality ABS-plastic.

SW-AD1515 - 168 x 168mm (Door Dimensions 146 x 146)
SW-AD2020 - 218 x 218mm (Door Dimensions 196 x 196)
SW-AD3030 - 318 x 318mm (Door Dimensions 296 x 296)
SW-AD3535 - 368 x 368mm (Door Dimensions 346 x 346)

Thickness - 24mm (including flange)

Mounted with glue or cement

Colour: White
Model: SW-APOLLO 660w (Full Spectrum LED 2.45umols)

 Apollo LED 

 Full Spectrum (Sunlight) and High PPF: it suits for the whole stage of plant growth from Veg to Bloom 



Lamp Power - 720W

Actual Power - 660W

Osram LED's for LED bars (12 Bars)

LED Quantity - 60 x 12

Light Angle - 120°

Working Temperature(℃): -20 - 45

IP Rating - IP65

Luminous Efficacy(μmol/J) - 2.45

Warranty - 2 Years

Voltage - 220/240 50Hz

Plug type - UK (2m Cord)







Model: SW-ATRIM-18 (Table Leaf Trimmer)
This handy 18" leaf trimmer goes together easily. 
Simply insert the legs into the holes provided and attach the mesh catch bag, plug in, and it is ready to use.

Please make sure you wear safety eye wear and tight gloves when operating.

This trimmer has sharp rotating blades that may, through carelessness cause injury to fingers.

Easy to put together & even simpler to use
A quick & effortless way to trim
Compact design only requires 4ft of space
Easily accessed for maintenance
Equipped with a Powerful, efficient and quiet motor

220-240v 50Hz

Designed with auto-shut off when cutting box is opened
Model: SW-BTRIM-16 (Bowl Trimmer)
This trimmer is medium sized (16") with stainless Steel Construction

Helps with trimming roots and leaves 
Can be rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise
Can be dismantled to take up less space 
Easy cleaning
Light weight
Easy to use and carry

Size - 16"
Total dimensions 405 x 400 x 360mm
Weight - 6kg
Model: SW-CARBON (Carbon Filter)
Using High Quality Carbon, SwiftAir range of filters are designed with the grower in mind.
This means they are perfect for the job, easy-to-use, value for money and flexible to suit your needs.

38mm Carbon Bed
100mm x 200 38mm - 255m3/hr
125mm x 400 38mm - 350m3/hr
150mm x 500 38mm - 500m3/hr
200mm x 600 38mm - 1000m3/hr
50mm Carbon Bed
250mm x 1000 50mm - 2300m3/hr
315mm x 1000 50mm - 2850m3/hr
Model: SW-CLHOOD (Cool Hood Reflector)
The Cool Hood reflector is sealed with slide-in gasketed glass constructed with heavy duty pre-galvanized steel

-Made from premium highly reflective aluminum
-pre-wired lamp cord
-Comes with built-in socket, and hanging hooks
-Can be connected straight to a Ballast
-Bulb in picture not included

Spigot Size - L x W x H

150mm (6")  - 59cm x 42.5 x 18cm
250w, 400w & 600w

Bulb Fitting

E40 Screw Fitting
Model: SW-COMBI (Combi Ducting)
Combi is used in heating, cooling, ventilation systems and is made of steel wires.
Its inner and outer surfaces are coated with aluminum and PVC.

Intended for medium and low pressure environment.

Boat Caravan DC extractor Fan SW-DC BSL112 BSL LED Light
A compact combined extractor fan with an integral halogen light. Designed for installation in galleys, showers and toilets, ideal for marine and other leisure applications

Long life computer motor which will run continuously.
Available with or without light

The fan and light may be switched on together or used independently.

Easy to install and maintain.

Designed for Wall/Ceiling or Panel Mounting


100mm (4")

12v - 3.7w
24v - 4.8w
1.5w - Cool White supplied - with light option only 
Air Flow (Free Air)
64m3/hr (18l/s)
Sound Level dBA
100mm (4") - 35

Model: SW-DEHPS (Double Ended Dual 1000w Bulb)
Double ended Dual Spectrum HPS bulb 240v - 1000w 
High output with raised spectral discharge in the reds and blues (exactly the right spectral energy distribution curves that your plants need to thrive).
The lamp also has 10,000 life hours and colour temperature of 2100K.

1000w = 151,000 Lumens

Best used with our FlexStar ballast
DE fitting


Model: SW-DIG (Digital Ballast)
Our 600w Digital Ballast is supplied as a stand-alone ballast with a flying IEC lead.

The ballast features dim and boost functions, giving you the ability to control the light output from your lamp to your plants. 

The dimmable options are 250w, 400w, 600w and a boost option which is on average a 10% increase in output.


250w 400w 600w & Boost 

Bulb Options

Can be used with MH or HPS
UK Plug - UK plug (Supplied)