Model: SW-TEMPTWIN-CON (Temperature Twin Speed Controller)

Model: SW-TEMPTWIN-CON (Temperature Twin Speed Controller)
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Swiftair Twin Speed Thermostatic Controller

The Speed Controller has two power outlets, one for intake and one for exhaust.

Each of the two power outlets can control fans up to a maximum power of 5amps, both speeds of the intake and exhaust fans are adjustable to maintain the ideal temperature.


  • Intake socket - Power supply for fresh air intake fan.
  • Exhaust socket - Power supply for stale air extraction fan.
  • Idle speed control knob - This sets the minimum speed both fans will attain when the temperature is below the pre-set and is adjustable between 20% and 60%. (We advise not taking AC Fans below 40%)
  • Balance control knob - This adjusts the differential between the intake and exhaust fan in order to obtain correct balance when using similarly sized fans.
  • Temperature control knob - This control is used to set the desired temperature from 5°C - 45°C.
  • Numerical display - Shows the target temperature.
  • LED indicator - Visible when effectively maintaining and controlling the temperature.
  • Temperature sensor - Monitors the environment.
  • Reset - This is a simple circuit breaker that will protect the controller if it ever overloaded.

Set Up and Usage

Place the twin fan control onto a stable surface and plug your extractor fan into the exhaust socket and the intake fan into the intake socket, the controller is better suited outside the growing environment if possible. Place the temperature sensor within your growing environment where it is out of direct light and has good airflow.

Set your desired temperature using a temperature control knob, the idle speed of both fans will also need to be selected using the speed knob, the idle speed knob controls the minimum speed that the fans will go down to when the temperature within the growing environment is under the user set figure you can select this setting between 20% and 60% but 40% minimum is recommended, once this has been set you'll be able to set a differential between the intake and the exhaust fans if necessary. 
When the adjusting the balance control knob you can sustain a negative pressure within your environment.