BIO CANNA Bio Vega & Flores

BIO CANNA Bio Vega & Bio Flores 1, 5 Litre Nutrient Soil Growing Hydroponics
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BIOCANNA Bio Vega has been developed to meet the plants needs during the growing phase and its organically compounded nitrogen (betaine nitrogen) is easily released in response to the plants needs. Complete Absorption of the correct nutrients is therefore guaranteed from the start of cultivation. In this way, even the fastest growing plants have an optimum start to flowering.



BIOCANNA Bio Flores ensures that a balanced range of nutritional elements are available, adjusted to the soils nutrient retention properties. Bio Flores Stimulates the formation of fruits in this way and it also contains all the nutrients that the plant needs during its flowering phase. Hop extract is one of the ingredients BIOCANNA Bio Flores and because of its characteristics BIOCANNA Bio Flores Provides the Necessary Minerals for fast growing plants in natural proportions. Hop extract also contains lupuline, luparol, lupolon and humulon for extra flowering power. 

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